Last updated on September 3, 2022

Battery Replacement:
We don’t charge a callout fee and or fitment fee from Northside Brisbane to Noosa in business hours. Customers pay for the battery only. If it’s deemed you may need a jumpstart or if the customer changes their mind, a $110.00 inc GST callout fee will be charged to the customer. Failure to pay will result in action from a debt collection company. Additional Callout Fee’s may apply if you live outside these areas or the job isn’t inside business hours.

Lockouts require special tools which is an additional $65.00 on top of your quoted callout fee. Road Assist is not liable for any damage caused by our metal tools. It’s the only way to access your vehicle.

Callout Fee:
Our $110.00 callout fee applies within our zoning area for standard jobs. Any kilometres after may be charged at $5.00 per kilometre or a additional flat callout fee may apply.

Additional Fuel Over 5L:
Additional Fuel will be charged at $4.50 per litre.

Tyre Repair:
We charge $30.00 on top of the Callout Fee to cover tyre plugs. We use these in emergency use only and we HIGHLY recommend that you attend the nearest tyre shop.

Key Battery Replacement:
If it’s believed that your key fob isn’t working, we are more then happy to attend to change the battery. A cover charge of $30.00 for a cleaning and battery replacement service will be charged on top of the callout fee irrespective of whether the battery replacement worked or not.

Terminal Replacement:
We charge $30.00 on top of the Callout Fee to cover terminal replacements.

We have a 15 minute grace period when a job is booked in to cancel. We provide no refunds after the 15 minutes as a callout fee will be charged. The amount will be depending on the job circumstances, distance, time and other influential factors.

Payment Before Job:
In some instances we may ask for payment upfront before an operator is sent to your job to secure a road unit.

If we are unable to get you back on the road:
We work with multiple tow truck service companies to get you home at an affordable rate. With our contacts, a prepopulated discount is applied before the quote is passed onto the customer.

Service Area:
Our service area stretches from Noosa to Brisbane.

Changes to these terms of service can occur at anytime in which this may not be updated. Callout fee’s also depend on individual circumstances. We highly recommend calling our operating office on 1300 060 552 for a quote.